About Our Company

ElectiX Automation Brings You Precise,
Accurate And Futuristic Systems

Be it a mechatronics or a pure software project, we use our best resources and maximum efforts to serve you with top notch products with international quality. Our continued research and open minded approach to evolving technologies keeps up in par with the latest trends and developments in our field.

We dedicate our time and effort in developing and improving our products and services in the fields of micro-computing, cloud platforms, mechatronics & automation products.



Cloud Computing

Specialised Micro Services & Cloud Computing

Connect to our micro services via APIs which provides custom services like image analysis, data processing and other resources. Minimise your computing, process updates and maintenance by simply utilizing our micro services.

Mechatronics & Software

Embedded Systems & Automations

We specialize in developing embedded system platform based on linux. Our strong knowledge and experience in digital and analog systems can be utilised in developing and supporting various IOT, automation & mechatronic projects that clients look for.


Virtual Reality Platform

Using the 3D games engine and virtual reality tag detection we are able to build various training & simulator systems for entertainment, in the field of assembly and other industrial aspects.

Server Side Computing

PaaS & SaaS Computing

Many of our services are offered as PaaS or SaaS to our clients, so that they require less resource to develop, maintain and upgrade the system. Our services span from media server for digital signage, backend systems for retail platform and data services to name a few.


Our Strengths

Automation & Computing Platform

The right combination of Research & Experience gives us a creative edge in developing latest products & services. Our systems are always designed with a perfect usability factor in mind, so that we can always guarantee a smooth human-machine interaction


The Best Part of Our Work


In this era of robotic and automation, mechatronics can boost your business by implementing custom automation and cloud computing.


We keep our focus to the latest trends and developments in our sector, which helps us place our products at the cutting edge of technology.

Layered System

Our knowledge in mechatronics & software systems helps us build a full stack automation system which involves many layers.

Quality with Security

As always, quality has been our top priority, which is why our products undergo vigorous testing in usability, stability and security aspects.


Be it an installation or a system problem, you can always count on us on helping you out & solving the issue immediately.

Ease of Use

Our design architecture and process may be complex, but we keep our end interfaces user friendly which requires no technical knowledge.

Interested in Our services

We are always ready to offer our services with our readymade as well as customized solutions which will give your business a smooth edge.